Traveling with girlfriends, sisters, moms, cousins and any other awesome women in your life IS THE BEST.  Women are meant to travel together….we work hard and give so much of ourselves to family, career, and serving others. That’s one of the reasons why it is so completely wonderful to get away on adventures together.

I love to travel and I love traveling with my family – with that said, some of my favorite trips and adventures have been with the favorite women in my life. With Globalwot downloadable itineraries you can relax and pick a new adventure. Don’t let another year pass without planning a “Girlfriend Trip” – I promise, you will thank me later.

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Kelly Ovard discussing menstrual cycle

I visited India with my daughter, and our delivery of Days for Girls kits was one of the highlights of our trip! It was exciting to meet girls of varying ages and teach them about how amazing it is to be a woman… to have the opportunity to teach them how they are strong and how they can be proud of their bodies. To help their confidence was a wonderful addition to our trip and is something I definitely want to do each time I travel. I would encourage everyone to get involved in this inspiring organization!

I’m excited to finally have a destination to do a “brain dump” of my adventure trips. Most of my trips are off-the-beaten-path and have limited information available – so I hope this info will be helpful to others.

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D crawford-errington Globalwot

It was lovely reliving the trip while writing the blog post!

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My trip to India was a dream. Globalwot’s itinerary for a journey through Delhi, Jaipur and Agra (Taj Mahal) was seamless, because I was following in footsteps of a Globalwot traveler. Thank you!

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Patty Ransom discussing in front of girls

“I loved talking with the teachers after this Days for Girls distribution. Even the Head Mistress said she understood better the importance of girls and women having correct information on how and why the menses cycle works. It was so satisfying to see and hear teachers say they feel more empowered about teaching the girls about the miracle of their bodies and how to protect and take care of themselves. Having lived in third world countries for 20 years and seeing the ‘shame’ put on women for the amazing process of menstruation, it was very rewarding to be a small part of helping these women and girls feel strong, courageous, and beautiful.”