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How to Maximise your Packing Space

There is nothing like the rush of planning a new trip. Your bookings are squared away and you are counting down the days. But there ...
Hiking Leadville 100

Fitness Training for the Adventurous Traveler

I’ve always been amazed at the ability of the body to adapt to a training stimulus and get stronger and faster. Lest you think this ...
Sharon McDowell-Larsen
Royal Bhutan airlines airplane

Minimize Jet Lag, Maximize Fun

Jet lag can take some enjoyment out of the first few days of a long-planned vacation, and make you feel like you need another vacation ...
Sharon McDowell-Larsen
Go on holiday quiz image of surfboard

Where to go on holiday? Take the Quiz!

Here it is - the "where should I go on holiday" quiz - just for you!  For trending holiday ideas, check out the Globalwot ...
Cliffs at sunrise, Snow Canyon, Utah

Utah State & National Parks Road Trip

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads,” Henry David Thoreau wrote. While I never thought I’d quote Thoreau because I believe ...
Josie Gleave

5 Tips for Hiking With Young Kids

I have two kids ages one and five. They have so much energy and no matter what I do, nothing exhausts them. They are on ...
Tara Castilleja

10 Tips for Days For Girls Trips

Are you thinking about doing a Days For Girls delivery trip? Congratulations! You'll have an amazing experience and see first hand how lives are changed ...
Sondra Hudgens

Days for Girls Trip to Rishikesh, India

Our Days For Girls Trip in Rishikesh was something we had prepared for, for over three years! Our women's organization devoted their time and efforts ...
Ashley Stahle

Why Days For Girls Matters

We started Globalwot after an especially meaningful experience delivering Days For Girls kits in a small village outside Udaipur, India. We want to help DIY ...
Rosemary Hullinger

Best Tips for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Hello Kitty, our favorite balloon: C Plowthow Best Tips for Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2019 Hi, I'm Christine; a mother of three kids and I'm happy ...
Christine Plothow
107 trail view 3

Perfect 3 Day Mother-Daughter Kiwi Getaway!

With my daughter visiting us in New Zealand recently, I wanted to go deep into nature with her for a few days.  It was an ...

Things To Do in Cape Town: An Itinerary

Once upon a time, my husband played for the Singapore Indoor Cricket Masters Team, which meant a trip to Cape Town, South Africa to compete ...

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