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15 day Solo Trip: Sri Lanka in 2020

I have been a solo traveler for many years. Solo traveling does so many things: improves self care, brings adventure, and even builds self-resilience. This ...
Woman Wanderings

5 Questions to Ask before Foreign Travel with Girlfriends

It sounds so high-five fabulous doesn’t it? Far-flung foreign travel with girlfriends, a global excursion with besties. It only takes the faintest whisper of the ...
Christine Mason Miller
Five women smiling

Girlfriend Trips Can Save Your Life

In airports across the world there is always a sight that lifts my spirits. Girlfriend trips! A group of women, especially older women, traveling together. ...
Robin Smith

One Day In Jerusalem Highlights

We only had one day in Jerusalem due to traveling in and out of Istanbul. Of course more time in the city would have been ...
Jessie Wagner
aerial view of boats in blue water

Exploring Koh Lipe Island, Thailand

Koh Lipe is a very small tropical island located in the Andaman Sea just a ferry ride away from Langkawi, Malaysia. It has inviting clear ...
Natalie Rosenbalm

Weekend trip to Tioman Island, Malaysia

Chinese New Year is a BIG deal in Singapore! The kids got three days off of school; Friday, Monday and Tuesday. We planned a weekend ...
Natalie Rosenbalm
Amsterdam Central

The Best Cultural Activities in Amsterdam

Our stop in Amsterdam was part of a larger European experience. We had a few days only, and I wanted to make sure we hit ...
Natalie Rosenbalm

Relationship Changing Couples Travel

***Sarah is the loving wife to Mateo and mother of 5. She is energetic, adventurous and smart with her time. She has found endless value ...
Sarah Furner

How to Surprise Your Partner with a Trip

I love surprises; receiving them, and planning them! And the fact that you're reading this is an exciting thought. When my friend asked me to ...
three small mountain peaks

Blue Mountains Couples Road Trip

My husband and I flew from Singapore to Sydney, Australia for a weekend getaway. We couldn't wait to get going on a couples road trip ...
Molly Beam

Couples Travel Ideas for 2020

It's February! And for a lot of people around the world, February is the month for love. That's why Global Women Travel is talking all ...

Exploring South Bali and Beyond

We live in Singapore, so Bali is a great vacation that is easy to get to and loved by all our family. This was the ...
April Napierski

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