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9 Easy First Time Solo Travel Destinations

So you’re looking for first time solo travel destinations. Good for you! There is a huge movement of women solo traveling for good reason. Benefits ...
Robin Smith
Foot bridge

6 Day Solo Trip to Goa

I’m a busy traveler. In the past 12 months I’ve been on 57 flights. I’m lucky that most of my travel is enjoyable and Instagram ...
Robin Smith
Sunrise over Sassi di Matera

Why You Should Visit Matera in 2020

Are you wondering why you should visit Matera Italy in 2020? While travelling through Italy with my mother in September 2019 we visited Matera on ...
Sonja Jelsma
castle with flag and turrets

4 Unique and Beautiful Places in Germany

Exploring unique and beautiful places in Germany reminds me of pearls on a necklace - each place is valuable and stunning in its own right. ...
Rose Edwards

10 Tips for Female Solo Travelers in 2019

Whether you are a seasoned Woman Wanderer or have just booked your first trip (congratulations!), we can all do with some tips to make sure ...
Woman Wanderings
views over Marina Bay

The Best F1 Singapore Experience: Feel the Thunder

I love living in Singapore. There is always something going on. And some of the events are so huge they warrant enormous fireworks at Marina ...
guards in Copenhagen

How to Share Your Travel Experience With Us

How to share your travel experience or article The kind of vacation, weekend-away, or family trip that creates long-lasting memories very rarely happens by accident. ...

Climbing Mount Fuji (for the first time)

Sunrise from the summit of Mt Fuji: R Scott This post is a hiking guide from the Scott family whose adult kids met in Haneda ...
outdoor building complex with lights

Treasures of the Silk Road: 3 Days in Samarkand

This travel itinerary for 3 days in Samarkand is just one part of our 8 day trip in Uzbekistan. You can read about our first ...
bike leaning against wall hung with rugs

Treasures of the Silk Road: 3 Days in Bukhara

This 3 days in Bukhara itinerary was just one stop in our 8 day journey through Uzbekistan. We highly recommend each stop! Each place offered ...
old city view with setting sun

Treasures of the Silk Road: 2 Days in Khiva

As part of your Silk Road journey, you must spend 2 days in Khiva. This itinerary is part of our 8 day trip in Uzbekistan. ...
stock photo canva

How to be a Bad-Ass Traveller in 2019

The hype If you Google 'bad-ass traveller' you find pages of articles and blogs stating where, how and why you should be the biggest, baddest ...

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